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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ultra wideband communications novel trends system architecture and implementation

Ultra wideband communications novel trends system architecture and implementation

Preface IX

Part 1 UWB Communication Systems and Signal Processing 1

Chapter 1 Measurements of the Nonlinearity of the
Ultra Wideband Signals Transformation 3
Edward Semyonov and Anton Loschilov

Chapter 2 Low Sampling Rate Time Acquisition Schemes and Channel
Estimation Algorithms of Ultra-Wideband Signals 17
Wei Xu and Jiaxiang Zhao

Chapter 3 A Proposal of Received Response
Code Sequence in DS/UWB 33
Shin’ichi Tachikawa and Masatoshi Yokota

Chapter 4 Genetic Algorithm based Equalizer for Ultra-Wideband
Wireless Communication Systems 49
Nazmat Surajudeen-Bakinde, Xu Zhu, Jingbo Gao,
Asoke K. Nandi and Hai Lin

Chapter 5 Low Complexity Phase-Unaware Detectors
Based on Estimator-Correlator Concept 65
Antti Anttonen, Aarne Mämmelä
and Subbarayan Pasupathy

Part 2 Hardware Architecture and Implementation 89

Chapter 6 Ultra-Wideband RF Transceiver
Design in CMOS Technology 91
Lingli Xia, Changhui Hu, Yumei Huang,
Zhiliang Hong and Patrick. Y. Chiang

Chapter 7 Ultra Wideband Impulse Radio
Superregenerative Reception 113
F. Xavier Moncunill-Geniz, Pere Palà-Schönwälder, Jordi Bonet-
Dalmau, Francisco del Águila-López and Rosa Giralt-Mas

Chapter 8 Transmitter Multi-Path Equalization and Receiver
Pulse-Injection Locking Synchronization for Impulse
Radio Ultra-Wideband Communications 137
Changhui Hu, Lingli Xia and Patrick Chiang

Chapter 9 Synchronization Technique for
OFDM-Based UWB System 161
Wen Fan and Chiu-Sing Choy

Chapter 10 Frequency Synthesizer Architectures for UWB
MB-OFDM Alliance Application 181
Owen Casha and Ivan Grech

Chapter 11 Ultra-Wideband GaN Power Amplifiers -
From Innovative Technology to Standard Products 213
Andrey Kistchinsky

Chapter 12 A Method for Improving Out-Of-Band
Characteristics of a Wideband Bandpass
Filter in an LTCC Substrate 233
Shinpei Oshima, Koji Wada, Ryuji Murata
and Yukihiro Shimakata

Chapter 13 Calibration Techniques for the Elimination of
Non-Monotonic Errors and the Linearity
Improvement of A/D Converters 247
Nikos Petrellis and Michael Birbas

Part 3 Cross Layer Design 265

Chapter 14 Cross-Layer Resource Allocation
for MB-OFDM UWB Systems 267
Ayman Khalil, Matthieu Crussière
and Jean-François Hélard

Part 4 UWB Applications 287

Chapter 15 Throughput Efficiency of Hybrid ARQ Error-Controlling
Scheme for UWB Body Area Network 289
Haruka Suzuki and Ryuji Kohno

Chapter 16 UWB-over-Fibre in Next-Generation
Access Networks 311
Roberto Llorente, Marta Beltrán and Maria Morant

Chapter 17 60 GHz Ultra Wideband Multiport Transceivers for
Next Generation Wireless Personal Area Networks 331
Nazih Khaddaj Mallat, Emilia Moldovan,
Serioja O. Tatu and Ke Wu

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