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Friday, September 23, 2011

Safety and Health Requirements

Safety and Health Requirements

File : pdf, 8.17 MB, 977 pages
1. Program Management
A. General
B. Indoctrination and Training
C. Physical Qualification of Employees
D. Accident Reporting and Recordkeeping
E. Emergency Planning
F. Emergency Recovery Operations
2. Sanitation
A. General Requirements
B. Drinking Water
C. Toilets
D. Washing Facilities
E. Food Service
F. Waste Disposal
G. Vermin Control
3. Medical and First-Aid Requirements
A. General
B. First-Aid Kits
C. First-Aid Stations and Infirmaries
D. Personnel Requirements and Qualifications
4. Temporary Facilities
A. General
5. Personal Protective and Safety Equipment
A. General
B. Eye and Face Protection
C. Hearing Protection and Noise Control
D. Head Protection
E. Respiratory Protection
F. Body Belts, Harnesses, Lanyards, and Lifelines – Selection of Components
G. Electrical Protective Equipment
H. Personal Floatation Devices
I. Lifesaving and Safety Skiffs
6. Hazardous Substances, Agents, and Environments
A. General
B. Hazardous Substances
C. Hot Substances
D. Harmful Plants, Animals, and Insects
E. Ionizing Radiation
F. Nonionizing Radiation and Magnetic and Electric Fields
G. Ventilation and Exhaust Systems
H. Abrasive Blasting
I. Confined Space
J. Inclement Weather and Environmental Hazards
K. Cumulative Trauma Prevention
L. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management
7. Lighting
A. General
8. Accident Prevention Signs, Tags, Labels, Signals, Piping System Identification, and Traffic Control
A. Signs, Tags, Labels, and Piping Systems
B. Signal Systems, Personnel, and Procedures
C. Traffic Control
D. Haul Roads
9. Fire Prevention and Protection
A. General
B. Flammable and Combustible Liquids
C. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP-Gas)
D. Temporary Heating Devices
E. First Response Fire Protection
F. Fixed Fire Suppression Systems
G. Fire Fighting Equipment
H. Fire Detection and Employee Fire Alarm Systems
I. Fire Fighting Organizations – Training and Drilling
J. Fire Patrols
K. USACE Wild Land Fire Control
10. Welding and Cutting
A. General
B. Respiratory Protection
C. Fire Protection
D. Oxyfuel Gas Welding and Cutting
E. Arc Welding and Cutting
F. Gas Metal Arc Welding
11. Electrical
A. General
B. Overcurrent Protection, Disconnects, and Switches
C. Grounding
D. Temporary Wiring and Lighting
E. Operations Adjacent to Overhead Lines
F. Batteries and Battery Charging
G. Hazardous (Classified) Locations
H. Power Transmission and Distribution
I. Underground Electrical Installations
J. Work in Energized Substations
K. Communication Facilities
12. Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
A. General
B. Training
C. Periodic Inspections
D. Lockout and Tagout Devices
E. Applying and Removing Lockout and Tagout Devices
13. Hand and Power Tools
A. General
B. Grinding and Abrasive Machinery
C. Power Saws and Woodworking Machinery
D. Pneumatic Tools
E. Explosive-Actuated Tools
F. Chain Saws
G. Abrasive Blasting Machinery
14. Material Handling, Storage, and Disposal
A. Material Handling
B. Material Storage
C. Housekeeping
D. Material Disposal
A. General
B. Wire Rope
C. Chain
D. Fiber Rope (Natural and Synthetic)
E. Slings
F. Rigging Hardware
16. Machinery and Mechanized Equipment
A. General
B. Guarding and Safety Devices
C. Cranes and Derricks – General
D. Crawler-, Truck-, Wheel-, and Ringer-Mounted, Cranes
E. Portal, Tower, and Pillar Cranes
F. Floating Cranes, Floating Derricks, Crane Barges, and Auxiliary Shipboard Mounted Cranes
G. Overhead and Gantry Cranes
H. Monorails and Underhung Cranes
I. Derricks
J. Helicopter Cranes
K. Material Hoists
L. Pile Drivers
M. Drilling Equipment
17. Conveyors
A. General
B. Operation
18. Motor Vehicles and Aircraft
A. General
B. Operating Rules
C. Transportation of Personnel
D. All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
E. Aircraft
19. Floating Plant and Marine Activities
A. General
B. Access
C. Launches, Motorboats, and Skiffs
D. Dredging
E. Scrows and Barges
F. Navigation Locks and Locking
20. Pressurized Equipment and Systems
A. General
B. Compressed Air and Gas Systems
C. Boilers and Systems
D. Compressed Gas Cylinders
21. Safe Access and Fall Protection
A. General
B. Standard Guardrails and Handrails
C. Personal Fall Protection Systems and Safety Nets
D. Ladders
E. Stairways
F. Ramps, Runways, and Trestles
G. Personnel Hoists and Elevators
22. Work Platforms
A. General
B. Scaffolds – General
C. Metal Scaffolds and Towers
D. Scaffolds – Wood Pole
E. Scaffolds – Suspended
F. Crane Supported Work Platforms
G. Form and Carpenter’s Bracket Scaffolds
H. Horse Scaffolds
I. Pump Jack Scaffolds
J. Elevating Work Platforms
K. Vehicle-Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms
L. Mast Climbing Work Platform
23. Demolition
A. General
B. Debris Removal
C. Wall Removal
D. Floor Removal
E. Steel Removal
F. Mechanical Demolition
24. Floor and Wall Holes and Openings
A. General
25. Excavations
A. General
B. Safe Access
C. Sloping and Benching
D. Support Systems
E. Cofferdams
26. Underground Construction (Tunnels), Shafts, and Caissons
A. General
B. Hazardous Classifications
C. Air Monitoring, Air Quality Standards, and Ventilation
D. Fire Prevention and Protection
E. Drilling
F. Shafts
G. Hoisting
H. Caissons
I. Compressed Air Work
J. Underground Blasting
27. Concrete and Masonry Construction and Steel Erection
A. Concrete and Masonry Construction – General
B. Formwork and Shoring
C. Precast Concrete Operations
D. Lift-Slab Operations
E. Structural Steel Assembly
F. Systems-Engineered Metal Building
G. Masonry Construction
H. Roofing
28. Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
A. General
29. Blasting
A. General
B. Transportation of Explosive Materials
C. Handling of Explosive Materials
D. Electromagnetic Radiation
E. Vibration and Damage Control
F. Drilling and Loading
G. Wiring
H. Firing
I. Post-Blast Procedures
J. Underwater Blasting
30. Contract Diving Operations
A. General
B. SCUBA Diving Operations
C. Surface Supplied Air Operations
D. Mixed-Gas Diving Operations
E. Equipment Requirements
F. Advanced Diving Technology
G. Scientific Snorkeling
31. Tree Maintenance and Removal
A. General
B. Tree Climbing
C. Felling
D. Brush Removal and Chipping
E. Other Operations and Equipment
32. Airfield Operations
A. General

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