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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thermodynamics physical chemistry of aqueous systems

Thermodynamics physical chemistry of aqueous systems

Preface IX

Chapter 1 Thermodynamics of
Molecular Recognition by Calorimetry 1
Luis García-Fuentes, Ramiro, Téllez-Sanz,
Indalecio Quesada-Soriano and Carmen Barón

Chapter 2 Theory and Application
of Thermoelectrochemistry 27
Zheng Fang

Chapter 3 Thermodynamics
and the Glass Forming Ability of Alloys 49
Chengying Tang and Huaiying Zhou

Chapter 4 Information Thermodynamics 73
Bohdan Hejna

Chapter 5 Mesoscopic Thermodynamics in the Presence of Flow 105
I. Santamaría-Holek, R. Lugo-Frías,
R. F. Rodríguez and A. Gadomski

Chapter 6 Non-Instantaneous Adiabats in Finite Time 131
Delfino Ladino-Luna and Ricardo T. Páez-Hernández

Chapter 7 Heterogeneous Melting in Low-Dimensional
Systems and Accompanying Surface Effects 157
Dmitry G. Gromov and Sergey A. Gavrilov

Chapter 8 Pressure Effects on Thermodynamics
of Polymer Containing Systems 191
Shichun Jiang and Hongfei Li

Chapter 9 Potential-pH Diagrams for Oxidation-State Control of
Nanoparticles Synthesized via Chemical Reduction 223
Shunsuke Yagi

Chapter 10 On the Extremum Properties of
Thermodynamic Steady State in Non-Linear Systems 241
Gy. Vincze and A. Szasz

Chapter 11 Thermodynamic Study of
Grinding-Induced Loratadine Inclusion
Complex Formation Using Thermal Analysis
and Curve-Fitted FTIR Determination 317
Shan-Yang Lin, Hong-Liang Lin, Chih-Cheng Lin,
Cheng-Hung Hsu, Tieh-kang Wu and Yu-Ting Huang

Chapter 12 Three-Dimensional Constitutive
Viscoelastic Model for Isotropic Materials 327
Donald Picard and Mario Fafard

Chapter 13 Hydrogen Bond Interactions Between Water Molecules in
Bulk Liquid, Near Electrode Surfaces and Around Ions 351
Abhishek Rastogi, Amit K. Ghosh and SJ Suresh

Chapter 14 The Stability of a Three-State Unfolding Protein 365
Yang BinSheng

Chapter 15 Phase Diagram and Waterlike Anomalies
in Core-Softened Shoulder-Dumbbell Complex Fluids 391
Paulo A. Netz, Guilherme K. Gonzatti, Marcia C. Barbosa,
Juliana Z. Paukowski, Cristina Gavazzoni
and Alan Barros de Oliveira

Chapter 16 Effect of Magnetic and Mechanical Fields on
Phase Liquid Crystalline Transitions
in Solutions of Cellulose Derivatives 407
S. A. Vshivkov

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