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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thermodynamics – Kinetics of Dynamic Systems

Thermodynamics – Kinetics of Dynamic Systems
Juan Carlos Moreno-Pirajan

Thermodynamics is one of the most exciting branches of physical chemistry which has greatly contributed to the modern science. Being concentrated on a wide range of applications of thermodynamics, this book gathers a series of contributions by the finest scientists in the world, gathered in an orderly manner. It can be used in post-graduate courses for students and as a reference book, as it is written in a language pleasing to the reader. It can also serve as a reference material for researchers to whom the thermodynamics is one of the area of interest.



  1. vous avez des lien smort
    plz try to uplaod another links all mediafire link are died
    i need some ebooks for Engineering Thermodynamics

  2. Ok. send a mail on with books.... i'll send their links to you.


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