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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Role of Models in Process Engineering

The Role of Models in Process Engineering PDF
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1. Role of Modelling in Process Systems Engineering
2. A Modellling Methodology
3. Conservation Principles in Process Modelling
4. Constitutive Relations for Modelling
5. Lumped Parameter Model Development
6. Solution of Lumped Parameter Models
7. Distributed Parameter Model Development
8. Solution of Distributed Parameter Models
9. Incremental Modelling and Model Hierarchies
10. Basic Tools for Model Analysis
11. Data Acquisition and Analysis
12. Statistical Model Calibration and Validation
13. Analysis of Dynamic Process Models
14. Process Modelling for Control and Diagnosis
15. Modelling of Discrete Event Systems
16. Modelling of Hybrid Systems
17. Modelling Applications
18. Computer Aided Process Modelling
19. Empirical Model Building


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