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Friday, June 24, 2011

Attachment Issues in Psycho Pathology and Intervention.pdf (1,547 KB)

Attachment Issues in Psycho Pathology and Intervention.pdf (1,547 KB)  

Preface vii
1 Applications of Attachment: The Integration
of Developmental and Clinical Traditions 3
L. Atkinson and S. Goldberg
2 Attachment and Psychopathology 27
B. Egeland and B. Carlson
3 Disorders of Attachment and Failure to Thrive 49
D. Benoit and J. Coolbear
4 Hostile-Helpless Relational Models and
Disorganized Attachment Patterns Between
Parents and Their Young Children: Review
of Research and Implications for Clinical Work 65
K. Lyons-Ruth, S. Melnick, E. Bronfman, S. Sherry,
and L. Llanas
5 Adolescent Psychopathology in Terms of Multiple
Behavioral Systems: The Role of Attachment
and Controlling Strategies and Frankly
Disorganized Behavior 95
C. Hilburn-Cobb
6 Levels of Processing in Parent–Child Relationships:
Implications for Clinical Assessment and Treatment 139
R. R. Kobak and A. Esposito
7 Attachment State of Mind and the Treatment
Relationship 167
M. Dozier and B. Bates
8 Two Therapies: Attachment Organization
and the Clinical Process 181
A. Slade
9 An Antidote to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder:
The Creation of Secure Attachment
in Couples Therapy 207
S. Johnson
10 Toddler–Parent Psychotherapy for Depressed
Mothers and Their Offspring: Implications
for Attachment Theory 229
D. Cicchetti, S. I. Toth, and F. A. Rogosch
Author Index 277
Subject Index 285

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