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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Global Logistics and Distribution Planning

Global Logistics and Distribution Planning

If you never know about logistic system, this is the great book. This Ebook Global Logistics and Distribution Planning  provides a wealth of useful ideas and practical information on all the current and future trends in logistics and distribution. Written by a host of contributors drawn from industry, constancy and education, this book provides new insights into the most significant aspects of logistics, including:
developments in logistics
supply chain strategies
lean logistics
efficient customer response
logistics in different countries
partnering and strategic alliances
re-engineering the logistics function
From logistics professionals, consultants, professors and students to managers from different backgrounds who want an appreciation of current trends in the subject, this book is essential reading.
About the author: Donald Waters, a past member if the Institute of Logistics and currently a member of the Canadian Association of Logistics Management, has lectured weekly on logistics, operational research and management science, and has brought his academic career to fruition as Professor of Operations Management at the University Calgary, Canada. He is also the author of Operations Management in the Kogan Page Fast Track MBA Series.


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